Direct Marketing & Advertising Policy

Direct Marketing

Promotional efforts aimed at writers are relevant, focused, and non-intrusive. MJoSHT engage researchers, promote the journal and drive high-quality submissions by targeting the right authors for the journal.


Advertising Policy

MJoSHT and the publisher have last say over all advertisements and may reject or cancel them at any moment.

MJoSHT does not reveal personally identifying data on users of our website or e-mail notifications to marketers.

MJoSHT accepts and publishes advertisements only if it is assured by the advertising agency and the advertiser that it has permission to publish the advertisement in its entirety and cover the subject matter it covers.


Digital Advertisement

Links to and from the MJoSHT website that use copyrighted material must be approved in advance by the publisher. Unauthorized sourcing is strictly forbidden.

MJoSHT is not responsible for the content of any website that is promoted in an advertisement, and Publisher does not advocate or sponsor any products or organisations that are connected to its website.

Pixels, beacons, cookies, tracking tags, and similar technologies used by advertiser or its agency to collect personally identifiable information through advertising creative are prohibited.