Anthelminthic Effect of Caprine Milk: A Systematic Review

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  • Fadlul A.F. Mansur
  • Faizul H. Addnan
  • Nur F.M. Manzor
  • Wan O. Abdullah
  • Omaima A. Najm



Novel alternative compounds for the treatment of soil-transmitted helminths are urgently needed due to the development of resistance to chemotherapy. Many screen plants for anthelmintic activity, but animal-based products are also potential sources for medicine. For example, caprine milk is a popular drink much coveted for its nutraceutical effect. However, the anthelmintic activity of caprine milk is not known. The present study utilizes a systematic review of the literature to identify any anthelmintic effect of caprine milk from Scopus, Medline, Ovid, Embase, Cinahl and Web of Science databases. Of the 355 titles produced by the bibliographic search only 3 manuscripts were included in this review. Our systematic review found very limited evidence of caprine milk having any anthelmintic effect. It highlights the need for a more focused and rigorous work on the anthelmintic effect of caprine milk.


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DOI: 10.33102/mjosht.v6iSpecial Issue.119
Published: 2021-01-31

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Mansur, F. A., Addnan, F. H., Manzor, N. F., Abdullah, W. O., & Najm, O. A. (2021). Anthelminthic Effect of Caprine Milk: A Systematic Review. Malaysian Journal of Science Health & Technology, 6(Special Issue). Issue.119



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